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The Tremor Technology Group Inc (Tremor) was established in 2001. Based in Ontario, Canada, Tremor specializes in Turnkey Internet and Wireless Billing solutions for Telecoms interested in leading-edge technology. With our diverse and experienced team, we provide complete end-to-end integration into existing core Telco systems.

We brand and deploy the best in:

Today, we are the leading solutions provider in affordable Internet and mobile billing within North America and the Caribbean! Comprised of highly experienced software development and integration engineers that deliver solutions that meet your real-world requirements.

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With over 28 years of Internet and Wireless Billing Solutions knowledge, Tremor has performed full end-to-end Internet services, including dial-up, broadband (ADSL), and both web and mail servers. We support practically all ISPs (Internet Service Providers) and pride ourselves in offering our customers comparable services at competitive rates!

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